The Research Interest Group


       Parkinsonís UK is interested in engaging people living with Parkinsonís (PwPs) in current research projects happening in their area.

       Participants may become more connected to that research through signing up to the Research Supporters Network via parkinsons.org.uk and attending relative events.

       They also have the option of taking part in research, signing up via parkinsons.org.uk/research options include carrying a Brain Bank Donor card.

       PwPs may also influence research design, protocols, and participant information sheets before they are finalised through contributing as a Lay Reviewer alongside experts; as a Patient and Public Involvement volunteer PwPs contribute valuable insight into the experience of living with Parkinsonís.

The Cambridge Area Research Champion is Keith Howlett, the Branch Membership Secretary Ė see CONTACTS


Local Research Interest Group website https://parkinsonsukeoerig.wordpress.com